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Grasping the EU landscape is essential before making any business decision. An informed decision will save you not just time but also money by reducing your risks due to lack of information.

At EUROHUB we constantly monitor the political landscape and current developments in your sector that can have a direct impact on your business.  Monitoring will be the fundamental element that will prepare you for networking and lobbying by laying the groundwork and providing the information necessary to take action.

Furthermore, our team of experts offers you innovative research comprising legal analysis and market research that will provide you with the solid insight you need before making important decisions regarding your business.

Whether you are interested in investing, finding the right business partners or in finding out how the EU legal framework will affect your business, working with EUROHUB will make sure you are navigating in charted territory.

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Research & Analysis
How does EU legislation affect my business?

EU legislation regulates the rules of trade and engaging business activities in the European Economic Area (EEA). Any enterprise aiming to trade with EEA countries should abide by the regulations and directives on goods and services. Product or services that do not meet the standards required by EU legislation would be deprived of the biggest single market in the world.

How does EU free trade agreements with third countries affect my business?

The EU is establishing free trade agreements (FTAs) with third countries and with economic cooperation areas. The EU has 50 free trade agreements in force and is negotiating many more including with the USA, Canada, Japan, India, ASEAN and MERCOSUR countries. The EU has a customs union with Turkey, which is a unique arrangement and provides access to Turkish enterprises in the European Single Market. Free Trade Agreements, in addition to removing tariffs, also open up markets on services, investment, public procurement and include regulatory issues.



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