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  • H2020 Coordination Package

In this package, EUROHUB offers you the complete services to materialize your project. You just continue to work in your own area of expertise; we take care of the rest…

  • Drafting the proposal
  • Creating the consortium
  • Communication & Coordination
  • Application & Administrative Support


  • H2020 Partnership Package

The H2020 Partnership package offers you the services you need to become a partner in a strong consortium, opening the gateway not just to becoming a part of a project but also to a sound European Network…

  • Funding Strategy & Roadmap
  • Benchmarking & Network Analysis
  • Promotion of Institutional Profiles
  • Budget & Work Package    
  • Communication & Administrative Support
  • SME Instrument Package

This package gives you the opportunity to learn to write your own proposal whilst receiving professional support during the writing process. You also have your proposal evaluated as a final touch…

  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Evaluation
  • Communication & Administrative Support


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