NEWS Benefit from TUBITAK's H2020 Support Program with EUROHUB

If you are a Turkish firm or institution, and you want to apply to EU funding but are not sure how to and thus reluctant to take any risk, this support program is just the thing for you.

Whether it is Horizon 2020, SME Instrument or Eurostars, TUBITAK supports Turkish researchers and businesses with a financial aid package where they can be reimbursed for the services they receive from external consultants.  For example, should you decide to apply for a Horizon 2020 call, TUBITAK will reimburse you for the services you receive at EUROHUB, meaning that you can get training, evaluation or have the entire proposal written for you at no cost!

Furthermore, TUBITAK also distributes generous awards to projects that pass the threshold or even better, funded.

For more info you can simply contact us or check out the TUBITAK website:


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